Single lessons, group lessons or all day shooting experiences!

Elizabeth Lanier, Level lII Instructor:


Home Teaching Centers:

  • $100 per hour, up to 2┬ástudents
  • $150 per hour for 3┬áto 6 students

On The Road:

  • $125.00 per hour, up to 2 students

Day rates available.

  • Contact number: (804) 370-0096
  • Target fees: $7 per box (25 per box)
  • Shells: $7.50 per box for 12 & 20 guage $10.00 per box 28 GA

LSS is happy to provide guns for use during lessons for a rental fee of $10 per student, per gun.

Learn to Shoot Clinics

Learn to Shoot Clinics (1.5 hour clinic) for up to 5 students:

  • $50 per student
  • includes instruction, shells, use of gun, targets and ammo.

**Please contact Elizabeth Lanier to schedule: 804-370-0096.

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