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Lanier Shooting Sports

Whether you are considering shooting for the first time, a seasoned wing shooter or a purely recreational target shooter looking to improve, we are here to help you do just that.

At LSS we believe that it is very important for you to understand why you hit or miss. Breaking targets is not pure luck and you do not need to possess any amazing athletic abilities to do so.

Come with a willingness to listen and learn and we will teach you step by step how to build a strong shooting foundation. From good basic form to fluid gun movement and follow through, our systematic approach to shooting instruction will teach you how to consistently break targets, to understand why you did and to be able to repeat it.

For the more advanced shooters, sometimes it might just be a few simple adjustments that will put more X's on your score card or more birds in your bag.

We spend time with shooters before a lesson to answer any questions, address any fears or anxieties they may be feeling or just listen to any specific goals a shooter may want to work toward during their lesson.

Strong emphasis is placed on safety, good gun fit and eye dominance as well as the just pure basics of good shooting. And let's not forget fun!!

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